Did we build this site because we think Adrael is the most amazing thing on the planet?

Not at all. We know Adrael is full of flaws, some of which we hope to fix... but we know, even with improvements, it'll never be more than a decent fan Age. With this site, we're only hoping to give interested people a look at what's involved in a project of Adrael's size, and to encourage other agebuilders to take on group projects.

Is this site all about self-promotion?

Not really. In fact, you don't need to read any further on this page unless you're interested in the specifics of exactly who did what in the currently-available version of the DRA Office/Adrael. The smaller credit book at the Age's end already offers a cursory overview of the participants involved.

This list pertains to the version of Adrael released in September 2010.

Some participants have contributed information about themselves; click on their names to read more about them.

Adrael: Detailed Credits

- Mesh reduction, texture optimization and conversion of Lyllus' Dormah Aquarium models from 3DSMax format to Blender
- Assisted Emor with texture application in the Canyon area of Adrael

- Created models for the basic configuration of all the underground areas of Adrael
- Modeled and textured the desk and lamp in the DRA Office, converted from 3DS Max format to Blender by Emor

- Modeled the broken control panel in the Elevator Control Room
- "Published" the fake Guild Of Messengers' magazine feature, with text by Clat and images by Lyllus, found on the DRA Office's desk

The Voice of Irena

Beta Tester Supreme

- Modeled the footbridge over the creek near the Tree
- Modeled and textured all tools in the Water Distribution Guard's office
- Modeled two-level desk and seat in the Water Distribution Guard's office
- Modeled and textured all pipeworks in the DRA Office, with some modifications to the Energy Beam device in the book room
- Modeled the DRA Office display boxes surrounding the desk, and their contents
- Modeled and textured the bottles in the DRA Offices video room cabinet, with reflections added by Boblishman

- Created, animated, and provided music for the DRA Office Video Room's movie of the Early Dormah City flyover into the Aquarium, as well as the Early Adrael Canyon flythrough movie. Converted both to Bink format for game use
- Modeling, texturing and original decorations for the Dormah Aquarium
- Modeling and basic texturing for the Adrael Canyon area
- Modeling and basic texturing for the underground Pipe Room and the Water Tank (including the texture for the tank's large metal water valve)
- Composed and sang the ending Adrael theme, "Lost In Space"

Emor D'ni Lap:
- Created and animated DRA Office Video Room's Spirit movie. Converted to Bink format for game use
- Mesh reduction, and conversion of Lyllus' Adrael Canyon models from Max format to Blender, followed by lightmapping and texture enhancement in Blender
- UV restructuring and conversion of Lyllus' Pipe Room and Water Tank from 3DSMax format to Blender
- Modeled, textured and lightmapped Adrael Canyon's fullsized Mining Machine and its surrounding mine area
- Created a retextured and drastically-reduced poly count version of the Mining Machine for a small model for the DRA Office desktop
- Modeled, textured and lightmapped the Adrael Tree, with sequential animation of leaf growth
- Modeled and textured the Spirit Cave, with entrance-door animation effects by Boblishman
- Designed, modeled, textured and lighted the final CreditBook room
- All textures used are custom-created
- Designed and created the DRA logo

- Writing for the Adrael age story, its journals and letters, characters and puzzles
- Concept arts for all the interiors, landscapes and buildings, unless otherwise stated
- Design of all the objects, machineries, items and furniture, unless otherwise stated. Some objects were enhanced or modified by modelers, such as the Adrael tree by Emor
- Writing of all the texts to be read in-Age, and the final Irena's Speech. Clat is Italian, so all his English texts were edited by Sophia, with help by Emor, D'Lanor and Boblishman
- Created all the 2D arts and paintings (apart from specified exceptions) appearing throughout the age: floor decorations, animal paintings, the Grower's portrait, logos for the aqueduct and mine company, power management panels, etcetera, plus some "hand-made" textures, such as the DRA Office's wall patterns

- ALL other modelling, texturing, lighting and animation for all areas of Adrael not mentioned above
- Worked extensively with D'Lanor on gameplay coding
- Performed the integration of all the assets created by other modelers above...an enormous undertaking

- Coding and programming for the great majority of Adrael's puzzles and game assets, a massive effort requiring over 8000 lines of code for the Adrael age alone
- Created Irena's in-game appearance
- Post-production audio work on Ametist's recording for Irena's speech
- Created the painting in the Water Distribution Guard's office
- Composed and performed the theme heard after solving Adrael's final puzzle

Murray provided infrastructure and moral support, Sophia provided communication links and team-wide support and guidance, as well as extensive proofreading and editing of in-game texts.
For their countless contributions, we are deeply indebted.

This website:

- Lyllus created the entrance page's three-window alcove image.
- Clat created the banner image of the Spirit and tree, as well as the desert hills below, and the "teamwork" button icon
- Emor D'ni Lap designed and built all other portions of this website otherwise unattributed.

Please note that both Boblishman and D'Lanor have declined offers to participate in or contribute to this site.