About Kira:

I recently got my university degree in industrial design. During my studies for this degree, I had to do an apprenticeship period of my choice. A good friend of my dad is a professional artist, and he agreed to train me in the art and technique of digital comics colouration.

During this training, we sometimes wandered off course, and ended up experimenting with 3d modelling and texturing. He was, and is, a URU player, with the IC name of Clat. He introduced me to URU, and so it was simply natural for us to carefully observe and study Cyan's clever and efficient texturing techniques.

One of many diagrammed versions of Adrael's tunnel system
that Kira worked with Clat to develop. These size relationships
later guided modelers in creating the actual game assets.

When Clat started to work on a fan age, he in turn asked for my help. I already had some 3D graphics modelling skills, so I offered to contribute a desk and a lamp – actually the small lamp being much more complicated than the big desk. I also worked on creating the initial models to help visualize the general layout of the complex underground maze.

Kira's graduate thesis project

It was a very interesting and rewarding experience, albeit a little out of ordinary. I didn't follow the usual path: that is starting as an URU explorer, then becoming a Cyan fan, and ending as a fan age builder. In my case the path was completely reversed, as I started from age building! Nonetheless, I enjoyed the experience very much, and when I – temporarily – quit the Adrael team, it was because I needed to concentrate on my graduation thesis.

That was a big task: I designed a machine that mixes and dispenses dried fruit. After graduation, my professional career has definitely been oriented toward industrial design, but I have fond memories of URU and Adrael age building. I have not much free time, but I'm presently getting back into the Adrael team.

Age building is a lot of fun, a great opportunity to learn and to meet new friends.

Try it: you won't be disappointed!