About Lyllus:

I was born in Siracusa, that part of Italy that was once upon a time Archimedes' Magna Graecia. There I still live, working as an architect, painter and graphic artist. A dozen years ago, I started employing 3d modelling software, both for technical projects and arts; using the same tools and techniques that were used to make Cyan's games. I was fascinated by Riven, but even more by Uru. There I could walk among daring architectures, admire statues, decorations and paintings, enjoy colourful vistas and exotic atmospheres, everything made the more living and immersive by sound and music.

A painting created with 3d software.
The title is: "Angels' Parade".

From the very first moment, it was natural for me to think that with the same tools I used every day for my job, I could create new and original ages, into which I could put to good use not only my creativity, but also to add the aesthetic tradition of my land, the end result of millennia of civilization.

With time I learned that things are a little more complicated. 3D modelling is essential to build an Uru age, but that skill alone is not enough. You need to work keeping in mind the game's engine and its technical specifications. I must admit that, in the beginning, I felt this as a limitation, something that diminished my expressive freedom. With time and experience, however, I learned the tricks to keep polygon counts under control and to keep textures' file size low.

Lyllus_D'niCityRendering Architectural study. This city was thought for an Uru age, since abandoned.
Perhaps it's not too D'ni in style, but shows well what can be done with creativity and modern software.

A screenshot from Aaronia, an Uru age currently under advanced development.

Talking of textures: from the day I began working on Adrael, wherever I go I always bring a camera with me, so that it's at hand each time I find materials, details and surfaces that might be useful... or might be used in many unlikely applications. But more than this, I look for antiquities, of which my land is rich: Roman mosaics, Greek marble and medieval brick enrich Adrael, and my own civilization is now mixed with that of the D'ni.

To conclude, I would get back to music. When I'm not working with architecture, painting and graphics, I sing, and write my songs too. One of these songs is Adrael's end-track, and is also included in a recent collection of all-original tracks, many of which are more or less directly inspired by D'ni universe. The song and the collection share the same title: "Lost In Space".
Play "Lost In Space":  

The title of another track from this collection will be familiar to all Myst fans:
"The End Is Not Yet Written": 





Lyllus, June 2011
(translation from the Italian by Clat)