Adrael Official Walkthrough


You link into a cave that intersects a canyon excavated in the desertís bottom.

The cave is at least partly natural, while at one end of the canyon is an old Díni mine.
The bright orange areas in the interiors indicate locations where a natural lighting system will eventually be seen.
Explore thoroughly, there are many things to be seen: an aqueduct broken by a canyon landslide, the fossil of a dragon revealed by an archaeological excavation, a broken fountain, the head of a now-fallen statue, and a big Díni excavating machine, long inoperable. You may remember seeing a model of the same machine on the DRA Officeís desk, and also that one of the three movies at the Office showed the mine in full activity, with water coming out the tap of the fountain.

The fountain is now dry. When the aqueduct pipes broke up, water flowed out of them (look at the stains on the ground), but that leak was stopped a long time ago. Look at the pipes and youíll notice they are numbered, with a common symbol repeated beside the Díni numbers.

Using the book near your link-in point, return to the DRA Office. Find the remaining open book and use it to link to a third place in Adrael.