Adrael Official Walkthrough

Chapter 1 - THE "DRA OFFICE"

This place is really an old D’ni nexus, a way station with a group of books linking to different places on the planet Adrael.

The D’ni Research Association, a European group of scientists, has occupied this station for some time as its local base of operations, and from then on the place has been known as their “Office”. There is much to see and read here about the DRA, its scientific party and a missing scientist, Irena Stromberg.

You link into a room with a desk and large pipes.
Read the documents and inspect the model of a machine on the desk. The objects in the display cases in the walls are fossils of extinct animals of Adrael, but these displays are presently shown in an incomplete state.

Exit the room, turn left in the hallway and enter a room with a cabinet (containing some artifacts worth a close look) and three video display units. One of the units is operational. You see a thumbnail still image representing the video to be displayed.

- How does the video display work?

When you are done, exit the room and turn to the left in the hallway. You enter a room with many linking books, an energy-beam device and a window that, for the first time, gives you an idea of where the station is located: on some moon in space.

Three of the books are open and active. You can use any of these in any order, but to more efficiently gain a thorough understanding of Adrael, we suggest the following order:

Find the book that shows an image of a room interior, and link to Adrael using that book.