Adrael Official Walkthrough

Adrael: The official walkthrough - an introduction

It is unusual for the authors of a puzzle game to write a walkthrough of their own creation. Players themselves often take care of this remarkably well. And it amazes us how good the Adrael walkthroughs written by players are, considering that the version of the age currently available had been released in a very unfinished state.

Our team is still working to release a complete version of Adrael but, in the meantime, we feel that players shouldn’t be left alone in the dark. Some explanation is due, and only a commented walkthrough can do the job. We warn you: this walkthrough contains more than the usual share of spoilers. There are spoilers about Adrael unfinished as it is today, and hints of what is to come in the forthcoming completed age… even though we keep these to the minimum.

You have the choice: play the current incomplete game - which may be the reason you feel the need for a walkthrough - or wait for the completed Adrael.

The Adrael team

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