Adrael's Out-takes & Unused Art

The Adrael project was run in a fairly democratic fashion: though each of the participants had their obvious strong suits, everyone had an opportunity to voice their opinion, and most did exactly that!

Some of us had strong opinions on certain issues; for example D'Lanor kept the project in line on multiplayer action and D'ni canon. Sometimes one of us would have an idea that was voted down by the others, sometimes an idea would be shot down by the logic of an individual's arguments, sometimes ideas were simply swept aside as other game changes were made.

In any case, quite a bit of work was done that is never seen in-game. Here's a sampling of our leftovers!

Lyllus's Scrap Bin

95% of Lyllus's work was used in-game, but a couple of his ideas never arrived:

Unused Fountain
This fountain may eventually
be seen in Adrael!

Unused Control Device
Luminous mushrooms were considered as in-cavern light sources...

Unused Tile Design
...but other light sources will be seen in Adrael's finished release

Clat's Scrap Bin

Clat was asked for lamp designs for use in Adrael's manmade tunnels. He came up with many sketches:

Clat's Lamp Designs

...but none of these were ever used in-game!

Unused Control Device
An early design for a valve or puzzle control device

Unused Tile Design
Another design for the DRA Office's tiles floors, never used.

Emor's Scrap Bin

When it was first decided that Adrael would have a puzzle involving water to be routed from one destination to another, Clat designed a large, impressive valve control panel:

Clat's design for a valve-control apparatus

A few days later, Emor had the valve control modeled:

3D Water Valve Control
Valve control rendered with ambient-occlusion shading

...but it was decided shortly after that the valves should be lever-actuated, and should be visually part of the piping itself, so this design was discarded.

For a long time, the two corners of the DRA office nearest the door remained empty. Feeling that the DRA age needed more places to put artifacts the DRA had collected in its research, Emor designed and built a cabinet, along the lines of the one already in the video room, to fit in each of those corners (now filled by piping) :

cabinet unit with ambient-occlusion shading

with lighting from an internal system (not seen here)

Some members of the group disliked the cabinet, voted it down, and it disappeared (such is the nature of a democratically-run volunteer project!)

At one point Emor questioned the nature of this mysterious Spirit, who could somehow produce videos and create puzzles with intricate graphic designs. As a joke, this was what he envisioned:

Mr. Tree Spirit's Videographics Studio
Mr. Tree Spirit's Graphics-N-Video Studio!

Nevertheless, when Clat produced this design for the Spirit Door, Emor created a rough 3D model for it:

Clat's first sketch of a Spirit Cave door design

Emor's model of the first door design

and when Clat designed another variation, Emor again roughed in the 3D model:

Clat's second sketch of a Spirit Cave door design

Emor's model of the second door design

In the end, the design was greatly simplified and, with Boblishman's addition of a nice animated pattern, is what you see in-game presently.